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Indoor Air quality measuring instruments

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The Breeze analyzes eight indoor air factors like Formaldehyde, ultra-fine particle, CO2, Co, Temperature, HUM, etc. to help you maintain a healthy and comfortable environment. 

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Breeze informs air quality around you

- Reliable monitoring of indoor air quality (HCHO/PM1.0/PM2.5/PM10/CO2/CO/Temp./Humi.)

- Collecting & display outdoor air quality data from adjacent outdoor monitoring station

- Providing intuitive air quality information.

Breeze reports air quality event around you

- Warning events above indoor air quality sensor threshold

- Providing ventilation timing by comparing indoor and outdoor data.

Breeze helps your healthy life

- Numerical scoring of indoor air quality by considering the effect on atopic dermatitis (BRZ Score)

- Useful feedback by big data analysis of Breeze platform



• Real-time air quality measure

• Simple and easy to use - simply press one button to control the device.

• High quality sensor

• Connect wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, compatible with most Apple, Samsung and Google devices.

• Portable & durable

• Accurate information

• 24/7 Access

Standard package: Monitor, Bottom Cap, Wall Mount Bracket, Charging adapter, User Manual


Mobile APP 

Circle, Location of circles - As score increase from 0 to 100 the circle move to right

Color with circle - As score increase from 0 to 100 , it change from yellow to green slowly to show indoor air quality by color

Measuring Sensors


Breeze Specification



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