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Docking Station - SGT

SGT Docking station maximizes the performance of SGT device.


SGT Docking station maximizes the performance of SGT device. It calibrates and does bump test up to four SGT device simultaneously, helping to reduce time. Through Bump test, Docking station tests the gas sensor response and alarm of the devices. In addition, it automatically upgrades the firmware of the devices when the devices are connected to Docking station. Event logs are saved into the USB memory and provide analyses for users. The configuration can be set by connecting Docking station with IR link.


• Calibration, Bump Test

• Displays status on Power LED and Unit LED

• Saves the status and results of Docking station and SGT

• Upgrades Docking and SGT Firmware

• Saves the log data of Docking station and SGT

• Supports user options using a PC program (IR Link/USB)



IR-Link Communication with USB Cable

User can change alarm set points and upload firmware updates and download event logs and perform calibration. 

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