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Ingenious Ways to Uncover CO2, Its Hazards and Detection System

Ingenious Ways to Uncover CO2

Our atmosphere is all filled up with various gases and chemicals. Some of these gases are helpful for humans and other living things on this planet, while some need to be protected against. Of all these lurking gases in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide (CO2) is the one that always attracts attention. This gas is found in the open air and in industries that are always busy emitting this colorless and odorless gas. The gas can pose positive and negative consequences simultaneously, and you better watch out for these. This article will feed your mind about CO2, followed by its formation and detection. Stay with us to know more about it!

What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

Carbon dioxide is a colorless and odorless gas at room temperature which is produced in various ways. The compound contains one Carbon and two Oxygen atoms. Of all the greenhouse gases, CO2 is the prominent one. Do you know why it is termed a greenhouse gas? It is because it traps heat energy in the earth's troposphere.

Carbon dioxide is not among the highly toxic gases, but it is harmful if the concentration exceeds the normal range. The greenhouse effect of this gas is probably the dangerous one as it contributes to raising the earth's surface temperature. Moreover, increased emission of CO2 in the atmosphere can lead to ocean acidification, which is harmful to aquatic creatures.

How is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Formed?

When you dig deeper into the sources of CO2, you will find many. From living organisms' respiration to burning fossil fuels, every process and source equally contribute to its formation. Let us shortly discuss some of these sources here.

i) Respiration and decomposition: