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Fixed Gas Detector (Control Panels)


With a built-in 32bit High Speed CPU, the SI-100IM product can quickly process a variety of functions and provide precision data. The SI-100IM product is a multi-channel type controller, composed of the Main Alarm Unit and the Alarm Display Unit which can be build up to 9 channels from a single main alarm unit. Four numerical digital display, 40 LED bar graph and over 95dB alarms provide absolute end-to-end. Available with three level of alarm and Fault dry contact relays along with signal outputs.


  • Sophisticated design and simple structure

  • 4Digit F.N.D Digital Display

  • 40 LED Bar Graph (%, PPM, LEL unit display)

  • Fault, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Alarm Icon

  • 40 Red Arrow LED Graph(◁) Display

  • Easy zero and standard gas calibration

  • Self Diagnosis mode

  • Display the frequency of calibration


main alarm unit

Main Alarm Unit Comms.

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