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Sampling Type Fixed Gas Detector

si-300-fixed-multi-gas-detector copy.png


SI-301 is a sampling type fixed gas detector, measures the sample gas through a sensor cartridge on a real-time basis. This is a device that helps to prevent or control various gases related accidents including suffocation, intoxication, fire, explosion, corrosion, etc in several semiconductor or industrial sites. The measured gas concentration is transmitted in real time with an output of 4-20 mA and can be configured through three internal relays. In addition, users also can widely benefit from control set of RS-485/Ethernet/Bluetooth connection.


  • Explosion-Proof structure (IP65)

  • Cartridge type sensor – Easy maintenance

  • Built-in flow control function

  • Large LCD with Digital Concentration Indication and Digital Flow Indication

  • Control set of 4 Button / RS485 / TCP Ethernet / Bluetooth


  • Semiconductor industry

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Mine

  • Petrochemical plant

  • Steelworks

  • Power supply work

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