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Sampling Type with the built-in pyrolyzer



SI-310 is a built-in pyrolyzer sampling type fixed gas detector to easily detect Hexafluorobutadiene, Octafluorocyclopentene, Difluoromethane and Fluoromethane gases through a sensor cartridge on a real-time basis. The measured gas concentration is transmitted in real time with an output of 4-20 mA and can be configured through three internal relays. In addition, users also can widely benefit from control set of RS-485/Ethernet/Bluetooth connection.


  • Explosion-Proof structure

  • Cartridge type sensor – Easy maintenance

  • Built-in flow control function

  • Large LCD with Digital Concentration Indication and Digital Flow Indication

  • Control set of 4 Button / RS485 / TCP Ethernet / Bluetooth


  • Semiconductor industry

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