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Single Docking Station (SP-MGTP)

Portable Single Docking Station

Single Docking Station_MGTP(1).jpg


Docking station maximizes the performance of SP-MGTP device. It provides bump test and calibration to ensure the safety of devices and users. Through Bump test, Docking station tests the gas sensor response and alarm of the devices. In addition, it automatically upgrades the firmware of the devices when the devices are connected to Docking Station. Event logs are saved into the SD card and provide analyses for users.


  • Zero and span calibration, bump test function

  • Indicate the current status of operation by the power LED and unit LED color

  • Gas ventilation system to remove a residual gas

  • Save the log events after calibration

  • Enable users to adjust the setting points of docking station MGTP via IR Link

  • Rechargeable battery or power

  • Easy to use, small and light




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