High Quality Electrochemical Sensor



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A semiconductor is a material that has conductivity between a conductor (usually a metal) and a non-conductor or insulator (e.g. ceramic). Semiconductors are used in the manufacture of various electronic devices including diodes, integrated circuits and transistors. These devices are widely applied because of their compactness, reliability, energy efficiency and low cost. Some of the semiconductors such as gallium arsenide is used in solar cells & laser diodes and silicon is used in electronic circuit fabrication.  

During the manufacturing process of integrated circuits more than 30 process gases will be required for etching, deposition, oxidation, doping and inert applications. Depending on the process there will be necessity to measure gases at parts-per-million (PPM), parts-per-billion (PPB) or even parts-per-trillion (PPT). Because of poor physiological warning properties of some toxic gasses, people can ingest them before they know they are present.  

Gas detector specially designed for semiconductors like SI-H100 is long-term cost of ownership for the customer. Consists of four parts including case, sensor cartridge, main frame, and prob for installation. Also, it contains the accessary of thermal decomposition module (Pyrolyzer) to be used upon additional purchasing to be able to detect and measure the gas by thermal decomposition in case of the materials without gas sensor such as NF3. In addition, it is possible to output MODBUS/TCP, and to solve data transmission and power at the same time only with a LAN cable (PoE).