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SI-H100 (SI-H100 with Pyrolyzer - Option)

Sampling Type Fixed Gas Detector


Approvals (Download)



SI-H100 measures sample gas by sensor cartridge in the case upon suction remotely on a real time basis constantly. The monitor points up to 100 feet (30meters) away and shows alarm of dangerous concentration, fault situation, and so on, upon attaching on the wall. SI-H100 assists to prevent or control a variety of gas related accidents including toxic, flammable gases in a plant providing reliable sensor technology.

Pyrolyzer option can be installed  underneath  the standard SI-H100. for detection and measurement through thermal decomposition in case of substances that do not have a gas sensor that can be generally detected, such as NF3.


• Simple to install, easy to use the product.

• Extractive pump system which has 2years life time (Sampling up to 30M).

• Smart sensor cartridge with on board.

• Large bright graphic LCD based on Intuitive icon with various expressions.

• 3 built in relays for Alarm 1st , 2nd  and Fault.

• Ethernet (PoE) communication.

• Optional Pyrolyzer module.

• 4-20mA analog output with event reporting and fault.

• Modbus/TCP Ethernet can be easily connected to all control and alarm systems ports.

• Update the latest version of firmware available via the web.

• RS-485, TCP Ethernet to connect alarm system and communication.

•  Detects gas which is parts-per-billion(ppb) levels.

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