SI-H100 (Sampling Type)

Fixed Gas Detector



SI-H100 is a sampling type Gas Detector measures gas by sensor cartridge in the case upon suction remotely up to 100ft. (30m) on a real time basis constantly and shows alarm of dangerous concentration, fault situation, and so on, upon attaching on the wall. It is a device that assists to prevent or control a variety of gas related accidents including suffocation, intoxication, fire, explosion, corrosion, and so on in multiple semiconductor or industrial sites. Gas detector specially designed for semiconductors like SI-H100 is long-term cost of ownership for the customer. Consists of four parts including case, sensor cartridge, main frame, and prob for installation. By operation with four buttons in the lower part of the screen, environmental setting of the device can be easily amended.


• Smart sensor cartridge with on board

• Large bright graphic LCD based on Intuitive icon with various expressions

• 3 built in relays for Alarm 1st , 2nd and Fault

• 4-20mA analog output with event reporting and fault

• Modbus/TCP Ethernet can be easily connected to all control and alarm systems ports

• Detects large levels of gases

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