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Hazards in Industrial workplaces contain several different principles. There are processes which involve wide range of raw materials, intermediate products, wastes and final products in any industry. During these processes, the industry encounter risk of toxic substances, fire, explosion and environmental damage. The sudden release of toxic fumes and natural gas leaks which can lead to death and serious injury are the most relevant example of them.


Gas & Oil

Oil and Gas is one of the largest powerhouse sector which has to be considered multiple areas in terms of safety and gas detection. 



SENKO offers robust safety equipment that can be adjusted according to individual hazards and always meet safety standards.



From basic solutions to premium solutions, we provide a customized product portfolio suitable for our customers.



Find a variety of background information on key issues affecting the chemical industry.


General Safety

SENKO serve not only in the safety sector, but also in the clean building, environment and food & beverage areas.

London Reflections

Sensing IoT

Sensor technology is the basis of all Senko products. We are constantly investing in R&D to develop our own products that can not be imitated by developing our own technology. 

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