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SENKO has invested in research and development of new gas sensor and has customized typical electrochemical gas sensor to satisfy the requirements of Consumer product manufacturer like Samsung Electonics & LG Electronics. We are welcome to cooperate with customers for the customized sensor development.


electrochemical sensor


Electrochemical Sensor

Sensor technology is the basis of all Senko products.

formaldehyde sensor


Formaldehyde Sensor

To detect the formaldehyde especially indoor air application.

alcohol sensor


Alcohol Sensor

Alcohol sensor manufactured by our own technology.

dust sensor


Dust Sensor

To detect the concentration of dust particles in the air.

Gas Detector

portable gas detector


Portable Gas Detector

SENKO has developed a portable gas detector that can prevent gas accidents in industrial field. Now SENKO is exporting their portable gas detectors to more than 40 countries.

fixed gas detector


Fixed Gas Detector

SENKO`s comprehensive range of fixed gas detection products provide a customized product portfolio to be suitable for customers and ensures a safer workplace for everyone.

Odor Dust

Odor & Dust

Korea’s sole electric and chemical sensor technology. Air pollution emission facilities can be monitored for odor materials(H2S, NH3, VOCs), and fine dust(PM2.5,10). 

Monitoring System

Monitoring System

Senko's odor & dust monitoring system offer extensive capabilities in real-time with continuous environmental monitoring systems.

big Data IoT

Big Date & IoT

Data can be secured by applying IoT wireless communication technology. The accumulated environmental effective data can be predicted real-time through algorithms. 

IoT Breeze


Measure the indoor air quality, helps your atopy care. Furthermore premium Air experience for healthy lifer with Breeze.



The electrochemical alcohol sensor manufactured by our own technology provides precise measurement values corresponding to the quantitative measurement  breathalyzer 



Senko's electrochemical sensor manufactured by our own technology.

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