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High Quality Electrochemical Sensor

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Energy Applications

SENKO offers robust safety equipment that can be adjusted according to individual hazards and always meet safety standards. 

Nowadays energy application is used on our most daily things. In industry, it`s used to transform from one to another. The main base of usage of Energy is Hydrogen (H2). Hydrogen is used in a variety of industries. These include:

  • Metal processing (mainly metal alloys and the separation of oxygen from the iron ore using hydrogen and synthesis gas).

  • Flat glass production (hydrogen used as an inert gas or protective gas).

  • Electronics industry (used as a protective and carrier gas, deposition process, cleaning, etching, reduction process, etc.).

  • Power generation fields (generator cooling or corrosion protection in power plant pipelines).

  • Fuel production (to process crude oil into refined fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, and for removing contaminants, such as sulfur from these fuels).

  • Transportation


Hydrogen possesses one of lightest weight and the highest rating of the flammability scale. Because it is flammable when mixed even in small amounts with ordinary air. Volumetrically 4% of hydrogen is enough to react with oxygen and burn. With SENKO Portable Single gas detector SGT and Fixed gas detector SI-100 series, workers can monitor exposure in areas where hydrogen may be present. 

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