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Since 2004

Senko is creating a new future with its own original technology and creative solutions. We follows a business philosophy to devote its talent and technology to creating superior products and services, that contribute to a better global society.


  • Participated in the exhibition

    • The Petroleum Safety Conference (PSC), Canada

    • American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Exposition (AIHce EXP), USA

    • The Global Energy Show, Canada

    • G-FAIR Bangkok 2023, Thailand

    • SEMICON West, USA

    • SEMICON Taiwan 2023, Taiwan

    • Oil and Gas Asia 2023, Malaysia

    • ADIPEC 2023, Abu Dhabi

    • NSC Safety Congress & Expo, USA

    • A+A 2023, Germany


  • Acquired TR.CU certification for SGT, SGT-P, MGT

  •  Agency contract with Globexy General Trading Co. W. L. L. in Kuwait

  •  Blanket PO about 2,600,000$ received from one of distributors

  •  Agency contract with Al Hisn Establishment in UAE


  • OEM agency contract with MRC in Brazil

  • OEM agency contract with KEBOS in Brazil

  • Acquired U&E, the company specializing in safety management solutions based on digital twin

  • Acquired KENTEK, the company designing and manufacturing of environmental detectors

  • Established Canada branch


  • Acquired landed property for the new factory

  • Listed on the KOSDAQ market

  • Registered the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

  • Established second factory in Hwaseong-si

  • OEM agency contract with Nextteq in USA

  • OEM agency contract with Libus in Argentina


  • Acquired landed property for the new factory

  • Listed on the KOSDAQ market

  • Registered the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

  • Established second factory in Hwaseong-si

  • OEM agency contract

    • Nextteq, USA

    • Libus, Argentina


  • Awarded by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy on the 55th Trade Day

  • Acquired green technology certificate

  • OEM agency contract with 7 solutions BV, Netherlands

  • Exclusive agency contract

    • LLC Senko, Russia

    • 3BZ easy gas safety, UK​

    • Gas Detection, Australia

  • Agency contract

    • Veto, Chile

    • Duta Klasik, Malaysia

    • Asian Contec Limited, India

    • Thien Ky co Ltd, Vietnam

    • Detection technology Pvt, Ltd., India

    • LLG Trading, Africa

    • Two Star Engineering Ltd, Thailand

    • Novel Dis Tic, Turkey

    • kinetics, Thailand


  • Africa East Cost Instruments

  • Trademark registration : No. [42] SOOM (domestic, english and general  trademark)

  • LB Investment attracted third-party allocation investment

  • S-Oil Residue Upgrading Complex Project

  • Agency contract

    • INL-Management Group, Kazakhstan

    • Harada Corporation, Japan

    • Master System, Abu Dhabi

    • Jetec Electronic, Taiwan

  • OEM agency contract

    • Crowcon, UK

    • Sensotran, Spain

    • Macurco, USA


  • Agency contract

    • Respo products, India

    • Winarto, Indonesia

    • Henan Hanwei, China

    • PT EMPAT SATRIA, Indonesia

    • Prctechth, Thailand


  • Acquired China CPA certification (SP-Secure)

  • Acquired CNEx certification in China (SI Series)

  • Agency contract

    • ADARO, Spain

    • Eternal Tech, Taiwan

    • Al Ansari Trading Enterprice LLC, Oman

    • Seanchote, Thailand

    • Sheng Yi. Taiwan

    • Sinom coporation, Taiwan

    • Translab, Malaysia

    • Lazo de Control, Peru


  • Acquired TR CU (Technical Regulation of Customs Union) certification

  • Acquired international IECEx certification (SI Series)

  • Assignment of a unique number for trade business and issuance of membership card of Korea International Trade Association

  • Agency contract

    • Emin, Vietnam

    • Control Ambiental, Mexico


  • Strategic alliance with Singapore's CONSEN

  • Acquired Brazilian BV international certification (SP2nd)

  • Strategic alliance with ION Science, UK

  • OEM agency contract with USA Otis Instruments

  • Acquired CPA certification in China (SI-100, SP2nd)

  • Selected as a supervisory organization for the original technology development project

  • Agency contract

    • SV Oil & Engineering, Libya

    • Ashutosh, India

    • TOWELL, Oman

    • AKSO PRODUTOS, Brazil

    • Citigas, Thailand


  • Secured Russia (GOST) certification

  • Kuwait KNPC PQ registration

  • OEM supply contract with AEGLE in China

  • Singapore and Thailand marketing agreement with Singapore CONSEN

  • Agency contract

    • Measking, China

    • Qalong Safety, China

    • ROTEM, Israel


  • Secure green technology certification

  • United Arab Emirates ADGAS & TEKREER PQ registration

  • Secured Sp-Secure explosion-proof certification

  • Agency contract with Poland KROLPOL

  • Malaysia PETRONAS PQ registration

  • Agency contract

    • AURA, Indonesia

    • Orange Innovation, Thailand

    • ENE, Brazil


    • SWAN Environment, India

    • Premac S.A, Colombia

    • TRAKT, Russia


  • Relocated the head office of Senko Co., Ltd. (Ansan City)

  • Egypt EGAS & GASCO PQ registration

  • Korea's first intrinsic safety European certification (ATEX)

  • Agency contract

    • RAITEC, Iranian

    • V-tech, United Arab Emirates

    • GMS, Singapore

2008 - 2009

  • Investment attraction of JAFCO ASIA FUND IV (Capital 791,430 thousand won)

  • Secured new technology product certification (NEP)

  • Registered factory in Ansan branch

  • Korea Gas Safety Corporation portable device safety certification

  • PCT international patent application (Gas Detecting Apparatus And…System)

  • Registered a domestic patent (electrochemical oxygen gas sensor)

  • Established Senko R&D Center-Senko Environmental Sensor R&D Center

  • Established Senko Co., Ltd. Ansan branch

  • Designated as a venture company by Small and Medium Business Administration

  • Registered a domestic patent (indoor gas detector and indoor air purification system)

  • Agency contract with INGAZ CO, Egypt

2005 - 2007

  • Registered Senko Factory

  • Selected as a joint research business for the IT-NT convergence technology development project (ETRI, Ministry of Information and Communication)

  • Domestic patent application (breathing inspection device)

  • New technology idea commercialization feasibility evaluation project (KTCGF)

  • Designated as a preliminary venture company with new technology


  • Established Senko Corporation

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