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iGas Detector 

Single Gas Detector


The SENKO iGas personal CO2 single gas detector operates by an infrared gas sensor to detect carbon dioxide gas. The device shows the gas concentration in real time, identifies the maximum and minimum concentration of CO2 and raises an alarm(visual, vibrating, and audible) when the risk occurs. The alarm setting values and measuring units can be adjusted manually and/or by connecting to a PC.


• IR Sensor Technology

• Rechargeable Li-ion battery

• 14days of use by one fully charge

• Measured by %vol and ppm

• Lightweight – 135g

• Back-light display

• Automatic alarm record

• Exchangeable International wall plug Kit

• Easy configuration and data management

    via PC program

• Configurable Calibration, Bump test,

    Self test due warning


sgt mgt pump auto sampling
vehicle power adaptor

Extension Probe 5M/10M


Simply checking if there is gas leakage when measure the gas underground manhole. 

Allows you to take accurate gas readings from up to 5M / 10M away.

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