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6 Key Use-Cases of the MGT(Multi Gas Detector)

Updated: Nov 20

multi gas detector
senko multi gas detector

The MGT(Multi Gas Detector) is one of our most popular multi-gas detectors. It continuously measures four (4) gases (O2, CO, H2S, and Combustible Gas CH4), displaying their concentrations, and raises a visual, vibrating, and audible alarm when a risk occurs.

✅ Some application examples may be :

• Oil&Gas : Oil fields, refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.

• Confined Spaces

• Sewage Works

• Emergency Workers : Fire fighters, Paramedics, etc.

• Gas Engineers

• Hot Works : Welding, soldering, cutting, etc.

📋 Features

• Small size & Light weight

• Rechargeable battery

• 30EA of Bump tests/ Events/ Cal.

• Simultaneously detect 4 different gases

• 25 hours use by one charge for 4-6 hours (P-type)

• 60 days use by one charge for 4-6 hours (N-type)

• Configuration via exclusive IR Link

• Easy check & calibration via Docking Station

• Intrinsic Safety

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