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Sampling Type Portable Multi Gas Detector SP-MGTP │ SENKO

SENKO Sampling Type Multi Gas Detector SP-MGTP


SP-MGTP is a sampling type gas detector that measures six(6) major gases simultaneously, which cause most of the industrial accidents, to protect workers from the disasters caused by the Oxygen deficiency, Toxic gas poisoning and gas explosion.


It detect up to 6 gases with 37 different toxic and flammable gas combinations and displays their concentrations and raises an alarm(visual, vibrating, and audible) when the risk occurs.


  • Sampling type with embedded pump & Probe

  • Max 6 gas with 37 different gas combinations

  • Event log (Recent 30 event / bump / calibration)

  • Easy to maintain (2 filters in probe & in detector)

  • Inner teflon coating of gas tube line

  • IrDA communication

  • Inner teflon coating of gas tube line

  • Easy to check pollution and replace dust filter

👉 Click here to read more about Senko's gas detector technology :

SENKO's Portable Gas Detector protects you from workplace danger.

Be safe with SENKO.

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