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Use Cases for iGas Detector (CO2 Gas Detector)

Updated: May 16

6 Key Use Cases for iGas Detector CO2

CO2 detectors are commonly used in various industrial settings where there is a potential for elevated levels of carbon dioxide. Monitoring CO2 levels in these environments is crucial for ensuring the safety of workers and maintaining optimal working conditions.

Gas Detector
iGas Detector CO2

In this blog post, we're looking at 6 critical use-cases of the iGas Detector CO2.

1. Beverage and Food Processing Plants

Industries involved in the production of beverages (such as breweries and soft drink manufacturing) and food processing may use CO2 detectors, especially in areas where carbonation processes are taking place.

2. Chemical Manufacturing Plants

Certain chemical processes can produce or release carbon dioxide. CO2 detectors may be used in chemical manufacturing plants to monitor levels and ensure worker safety.

3. Welding and Metal Fabrication Shops

Welding processes can generate carbon dioxide as a byproduct. CO2 detectors are used to monitor air quality in welding and metal fabrication shops to protect workers from exposure.

4. Petrochemical Refineries

CO2 detectors may be employed in various areas of petrochemical refineries where combustion processes, chemical reactions, or fermentation can lead to the production of carbon dioxide.

5. Power Plants

In power generation facilities, particularly those using combustion processes, CO2 detectors may be used to monitor emissions and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

6. Fermentation and Biotech Facilities

Industries involved in fermentation processes, such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, may use CO2 detectors to monitor and control the levels of carbon dioxide produced during the fermentation of microorganisms.

It's important for industrial sites to conduct risk assessments and adhere to safety regulations to determine the need for CO2 detectors in specific areas. Additionally, local occupational health and safety guidelines and regulations should be followed to ensure a safe working environment.

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