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Single Gas Detector


SGT-P is a single replaceable gas detector designed to detect oxygen deficiency and presence of toxic gas in the ambient environment. SGT-P is the replaceable type of a gas sensor and battery. When activated, SGT-P continuously monitors ambient air for the presence of a specific gas and alerts the user to potentially unsafe exposure with LED, vibrating, and audible alarms in the events that gas concentration exceeds alarm set points.


• Replaceable type (sensor and battery)

• Power on / off available

• Excellent water / dust proof structure

• Automatic checking of the sensor trouble

 High performance audible and vibrating alarm

• Automatic logging of 30EA events

• Easy configuration and data management through IR Link

• Easy calibration through Docking Station


sgt docking station gas detector
ir link
sp pump
vehicle power adaptor

SGT Docking Station

IR-Link Communication with USB Cable

SP-Pump101-Automatic Sampling

Extension Probe 5M/10M

Automatic functional Calibration and Bump test up to 4 units.

User can change alarm set points and upload firmware updates and download event logs and perform calibration. 

Simply checking if there is gas leakage when measure the gas underground manhole. 

Allows you to take accurate gas readings from up to 5M / 10M away.

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